Sunday, November 29, 2009

What a Thanksgiving

Well it is done. The 2 little embryos have been implanted and now the waiting game. This has been a LONG week.

We were scheduled to go for the transfer Thanksgiving morning at 8:30 and be there at 8:00. Everything was going ok until Wednesday and I was feeling terrible. I kept dry heaving but nothing would come up, I even tried to make myself puke but nothing. Oh the heaving and heaving and finally Lane and my mom convinced me to call my doctor. He had me drive to Ft. Wayne to check me out and he wasn't feeling to good about the transfer the next day. I was dehydrated and my ovaries are HUGE. Way bigger than normal and they will keep growing is the bad thing, so he was nervous. He gave me medication for the nausea(which was awesome) and said I had to drink drink drink fluids all night and see how I felt the next morning.

I woke up and was feeling much better, so we headed for Indy. My hemoglobin level had to drop from what it was the night before and thankfully it had so the doc gave us the go ahead. I was so relieved!!!! I got into my beautiful outfit again and popped in my vallium. The only bad part was I had to have a full bladder so I drank and drank some more water. I was in lala land and back they took me. Lane got dressed into his spacesuit, but I was to doped up to get a picture, which I am quit sad about now, but into the room we go. They show us the dish with our name on it and in they go. The whole time I was praying please don't let me go to the bathroom all over the place. I didn't even look at the ultrasound machine, just layed there with my eyes closed praying dear God let this work and let me hold my bladder!!!! About 10 minutes later we were finished and a little after that we headed home.

Before I knew it, it was Thanksgiving lunch time. Man was I hungry. I have decided that i LOVE vallium. It was the best thing ever. That had finally worn off and i was in my recliner eating my meal. Everyone thought it was funny to take pictures of me, I look horrible, but still didn't much care. I was thankful this process was over with for now and now we wait. I hate waiting, but on the 6th we get our first set of labs, which really isn't that far away. I can't wait!!!

Now this will be a Thanksgiving worth remembering!!


  1. Sorry that you were so sick the day before your transfer.. BUT SO GLAD that you did get to transfer 2 beautiful Embryo's:) Also Glad that you had a good thanksgiving with your family.

    Praying that those little embies stick and are growing strong and healthy.

    Take care,

  2. What a story!!! I'm soo excited for you two!! Of the two people I know that have done a 5 day trasfer, both are pregnat with twins now!!! I'll keep praying for you guys.

  3. Best of luck to you, I will keep my fingers crossed!