Sunday, November 22, 2009

Retrieval Day

So Saturday morning we woke up bright and early and made our journey down to Indianapolis for our egg retrieval. I was quite anxious, so I was glad when we got there we didn't have to wait and we got right in. Also my doctor whom wasn't on call still came in to do my procedure, so that made me feel even better. I guess you would get a little nervous thinking about someone sticking an ultrasound probe with a long needle on the end of it and going through your vaginal wall into each ovary. Sound like a blast!!!

They took me back and got me changed into my lovely outfit, which included a gown, hat and booties(very sexy). They got my IV started and before long they were walking me back. I had barely gotten to lay down and the anesthesiologist said I am giving you the drugs and the next thing I wake up and am back in my room. It was a breeze. I was worried for nothing. I stayed there about another hour and we were on our way home. Lane said I wasn't asking the same questions about 5 times and I had to make sure that he texted Mo and Tori to know I was ok:) I decided on the car ride home I would go ahead and take a Darvocet to make sure the pain stayed away and boy was that a mistake. I was so sick after that. Dry heaving for like 20 minutes and so dizzy. So I finally fell asleep at home and when I woke up I thought I will just try half of a pain pill. Still no good. So I suffered the rest of the day in horrible pain just taking my tylenol and thinking to myself oh my word I can't imagine having a baby. I made it through and am feeling much better tonight(Sunday).

I had a total of about 50 follicles to choose from and from those they were able to extract 29 eggs, which is great!!! This morning we got an update from the biologist and of the 29, they were able to ICSI 19 of them. 12 have fertilized so far and we will learn how the other 7 are doing Monday morning. Great news!!! Now just waiting for the transer which will either be Tuesday or Thursday. Hoping for thursday, b/c that means they will have made it to the blastocyst day 5 and chances are a little better then.


  1. So Glad to hear things went so well with your Retrieval, and that 12 have fertilized!!!

    Sorry that you have felt so sick. I hope you feel better very soon:)

    Praying that your little embies continue to Grow and be Healthy.

    Take Care,

  2. I'm glad you made it :)

    Last night I texted Lane when he said 12 fertilized embryo and I said '6 little lanes, and six little lauries' - then he text me back 'six big lanes'

    Then Andy said..text this 'Six Big Headed Lanes' but I forgot. haha. Still funny though : )