Thursday, November 12, 2009


So today I started yet another medication. Now 1 shot in the morning and 2 at night. I am getting use to it, but let me tell you my stomach is looking like a war zone and it is starting to hurt a little. You can inject it in your leg, but for some reason in my head I believe if it goes in my stomach it will work better. I know probably crazy, but I want this to work the first time! I have become quite bloated and almost went out and bought some maternity pants just so I would feel more comfortable, thus I just went to wearing sweat pants. Very classy I know. I have been injecting myself for 29 days now, b/c the Lupron completely shut my system down and now I am a few weeks behind. I go back to the doc next Tuesday and am hoping that the follicles are big enough and we can plan the retrieval soon. It looks like now things could fall on Thanksgiving week, but man I sure hope it doesn't mess up my Black Friday shopping, that is my favorite day of the year. I know I'm nuts. So until next Tuesday we shall see what happens.


  1. I soo remember the war zone stomach... and I'm pretty sure I did them in my stomach for the same reason... hey, whatever makes us feel better!!! :) I forgot to check out your blog until I saw your comment, so now I have it saved under my favs!!!

  2. Hello! Saw you had a blog from your comment on Nicoles blog... Funny how that works. Isn't it a great way to keep in touch and see what everyone is doing... (other than Facebook of course). Thinking of you guys thoughout your journey to become parents.