Thursday, May 27, 2010

Courtney and Me

I was excited to find out when i was pregnant that one of my friends from high school was pregnant as well and our due dates were only 5 days apart. Well, I will have the boys much earlier than her, but still exciting! I was so glad when she was able to come up for my shower and we could compare bellies and all of that fun stuff. At first I was like wow we aren't that much different. Maybe I'm not that big after all, but then when we took the actual photos that told a different story. I've got her beat by quite a bit and my belly is really pointy. I guess that is because I am carrying two little boys and she is carrying only one:) Here are our pics. Can't wait for Aidan and Ethan to meet Asher. I will definitely be taking trips to Marion more often once the boys get here, b/c if I don't I am sure their grandparents will not be happy with me.

28 weeks and counting

2 vs. 1

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