Thursday, March 11, 2010

We've Got Movement!!!

So this past week has been a very exciting week at the Detweiler household. I have been waiting and waiting to feel the babies move or the so called fluttering feeling but nothing yet. I thought well there are 2 5 inch human beings inside my belly so it has to be sometime soon. The other day I just thought I had a gas bubble but then it didn't go away and this weird feeling kept going on and I was like oh my that has to be it. I can finally feel them. It is so exciting I can't even stand it. I am sure in a couple months I will look back at this post as they are kicking me in the ribs on both sides and not letting me sleep and wonder what I was thinking, but for now they can flutter away.

Then today we found out for sure they are both boys which we are super excited about. Still working on the whole name thing. I think Lane should get to pick one and I can pick the other, but we will see how that goes:) So things are looking on the up and up.


  1. awe yay!! just till Lane can feel them moving around too. Congrats on 2 boys, you will be out numbered but well taken care of:)

  2. Two big congrats from the Cripes!!! How exciting!!!