Sunday, March 21, 2010

Half-way there!!!!

So this is my 19th week of pregnancy which for me is halfway for sure and maybe even further than that. The doc will take the boys at 38 weeks at the most. I can't really fathom in just 4 and a half months we will have 2 little baby boys at our house. Still doesn't seem real. Went to the OB for another ultrasound and everything is looking great. Didn't see the bleed anymore, which is a miracle from God and they are on schedule for growing. One is about 11 ounces and the other 13 ounces and they are about 9 inches long. They were quite active throughout the ultrasound so 3-D images were no good:(

Looking at each other

I have been good so far and haven't bought one outfit for them merely, b/c my sis has stocked my closet for the first several months for their lives, but I have finally caved in and bought them a couple things. I actually did find some pretty cute little boy things. Sometimes you just can't resist. I think Children's Place will be my downfall!!!


  1. YAY for half way! It is fun, but it can be hard to find cute boy's clothes. I bought Ian that button down shirt under the vest (they didn't have any vests in his size) ebay has become our friend when it comes to purchasing clothes for Ian. Praying the next half goes nice and smooth for ya.

  2. Colt needs that hat! So, so cute.