Sunday, July 4, 2010

Little Porkers

This past Thursday I went for my weekly doc appointment to check on the boys and they did another growth ultrasound to make sure first they are growing properly and about the same rate. I am always afraid one is stealing more from the other, but nope they are not. A little under 4 weeks ago both boys weighed almost 4 pounds which I was super happy about, so I was hoping they were close to 5 this time.

Well, they are fattening up quite nicely. Aidan was 5lbs 14oz and Ethan was 6lbs 2oz and I was like wow for almost 34 weeks that is awesome. They are in the 90th percentile for weight. No wonder I have been in such pain the last few weeks. That is a whole lotta weight in my belly. I guess I make a pretty good incubator:) Still can't get any pics of them, b/c they are getting very cramped. I go back again next week for a non stress test and we'll see what we find out then. One can only hope they will move up my c-section date from Aug. 2nd!!!

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  1. that's great Laurie, one would think they would.