Friday, July 16, 2010

36 weeks

Well actually it's 35 weeks and 6 days, but I am gonna round up. Just got back from my weekly doctor visit and got some good news. I am 1 cm dilated and 50% efaced. Both babies are now head down and I also got to stop taking the medicine that was causing me not to have contractions. Now come on babies!!! The most I will have is 16 days so I won't complain to much, but I am more than ready for them to come out!!!! Here are a couple pics of me as well as the nursery.


  1. seriously, how is your back not cracking in half? haha. you're babies are big! LOVE YOU! I freaked out in the car for a minute last night just thinking that they, YOUR FREAKIN BABIES, could be here any day. holy crapola.

  2. you look awesome!! i didn't look even close to as good as you - and i only had one!

    best wishes!