Saturday, October 17, 2009


So the side effects from the medication are definitely hitting me. I obviously don't know what morning sickness is like, but I am pretty sure I have it everyday around 2 in the afternoon. I get afternoon sickness instead, which is ok, b/c then I can work all day and feel good until it is about time to go home in which I just go home and sleep. I get really nauseous(haven't actually gotten sick yet, b/c I will do WHATEVER to keep from doing that) dizzy and then the muscle cramping is awful. Guess I won't get much of the weight gain, b/c I don't want to eat, score for me:) I was laying around the other day saying what in the world am I doing to myself and Lane said we are only a few days into this. I know I said and I could have to do this up to 5 more times if it doesn't work. I can't even imagine. Lord please let it work on the first try!!! Thanks everyone for all your wonderful comments and for following this more to come......


  1. Typically, when I feel sick. H20 does the trick. Did you try taking your prenatals before bed too? xoxo.

  2. I was just about write the same thing as Mo. I took meds that made me nauseous and the water really helped and I bet it will help with the cramps too.

    Hang in there girl...God works miracles. :)