Saturday, February 6, 2010

13 weeks

Wow I have been away from here for a while. I need a laptop so I can blog while I am on my partial bedrest. Waiting for that lovely tax return:) So today I am 13 weeks along. Things haven't gone quite as planned, but God has been good and getting us through each and every day. I am allowed to go to work for a few hours then home to bed. My mom has been coming on the weekends to help Lane out and I have some wonderful friends that have brought me dinner and one is even doing my grocery shopping for me this next week. I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends in my life!!!!

Still doesn't seem real that I have twins growing inside of me, except my belly that is gradually getting bigger and bigger. I can't imagine in a few months what it will be like. I go back to the doc on Monday and will hopefully get my next ultrasound scheduled to see how the bleed in my uterus is and find out what we are having!!!!! I think I got a little baby bump going on, anyone else or am I just crazy?!?!?!

13 weeks

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