Wednesday, January 13, 2010

9 weeks 4 days

Today we headed down to Ft. Wayne for a check-up with my fertility doctor. We haven't seen him when we found out we were having twins. Still crazy to say. We had our ultrasound and everything looked great. We even got to see their little arms and legs moving around which was amazing. I can't believe how much things change in just 2 weeks. I will get to stop all of my hormones this weekend and they released me to go to my regular OB. I was hoping that would happen, but then a little nervous wanting to make sure my doc was competant about twins, so I called and he apparently is. I know I'm psychotic already.

I have been reading this book called twins, triplet and quads and I had no idea how much a twin pregnancy was different than a singleton pregnancy. So many more restrictions and a certain diet and WOW!! Sort of freaks you out for a minute, but I know we can do it. We have such a wonderful support system with so many friends up here and family and that is all that I have to remember. Plus I have so many friends with babies I will have lots of advice. (Speaking of that congrats to Chelssie who had her little girl last night, so exciting!!!!)

Anyway here are a few pics from our appt. today. I am measuring 9 weeks 4 days. One does look a little bigger than the other, but that is pretty normal, b/c one usually steals some food from the other. Guess I will have to eat more. Heart beats were 176 and 167.

9wks 4 day baby...HR=176
Head is on the bottom and you can see the little arm in the middle and feet on top.

9 wks 4 day baby...HR=167
This one didn't want to cooperate and layed on its back the whole time.

And here they are together


  1. So, so wonderful! And yeah... I didn't know there were special things you had to do with twins, either? should write a post about that! :)

  2. how exciting!! my boss had twins and after a singleton birth and had to do things completely different. She was also in her 30s when she had her twins so she had a ton of restrictions. but anywho back to you and your growing babies, i think of you often and yea for being released to your reg OB. take care of yourself and those babies!!

  3. Yippie!!!... and no more hormone too!!! I couldn't be happier for the two, I mean four of you!!